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Keynote Speaker

Kristen Geez is…Raw, Relatable, Riveting, and Refreshing

Kristen is a highly sought out nationally recognized speaker signed to one of the top firms. She has since delivered several keynote addresses and interactive workshops for audiences of over 6-thousand attendees. Using her voice for change has always been one of Kristen’s deepest passions and desires. Listed below are her most popular speaking topics; each can be customized to meet the needs of any audience. 

Practitioners Committed to Being the Lights

This informative, upbeat, and empowering presentation will leave leaders feeling appreciated for their tremendous effort and commitment to their jobs daily. Kristen encourages them to see themselves as the streetLIGHTS that automatically shine during the darkest moments in the lives of the people they serve. This presentation stems from Kristen’s new book: Like StreetLIGHTS, which she wrote to give practitioners tips to rekindle their inner spark and fall in love again with the vital work they do. Kristen’s presentation will motivate your audience to continue to shine in their respective roles. This lively presentation can be customized and delivered as a keynote address, followed by hands-on training for practitioners and support staff at every level. Bonus: Author signing and meet-and-greet include pictures and signed copies of Like StreetLIGHTS. 

Preparing To LEAP

In this raw and uncut speech, Kristen Geez shares the reality of becoming a young adult and the responsibility of transitioning from high school to college and career. She provides 16-26-year-olds with practical steps to help them align their personalities, talents, and interests to find meaningful careers. Young people will learn how to practice self-motivation, seek guidance, and establish resilience to help them reach the next stage in their lives. Kristen shares tips on implementing a weekly self-care regimen to relieve unnecessary stress or pressure from social life, work, and home demands. This presentation encourages students to look beyond glamorous and trendy careers and urges them to be intentional about choosing a job that matches their personality and connects them to a purpose-filled life. 

21st Century Leaders Inspire What They Require

Kristen will give frontline leaders the tools to coach and mentor emerging young talent with stretch assignments to help the next generation grow. Mastering the ability to influence 19-31-year-olds positively will require leaders to use more than trendy hashtags. Instead, it will require managers to model the tolerant and empathetic behavior they would like to see in their young emerging talent. Kristen will assist leaders in addressing the hard truths about their organization that must change to motivate nextgen workers. This presentation is a must for seasoned leaders who want to manage, inspire, and retain this outspoken, independent, and eager young talent.

Revamp Your Behavior Management  Program

Are you interested in learning about modern restorative practices to address discipline for GenZers? If so, Kristen Geez is perfect for your upcoming event. This inspiring presentation starts with a quick clip from Kristen’s popular TEDx Talk, “Advice From A Former Bully,” followed by her sharing a raw and powerful testimony about what led to her becoming a school bully. This presentation provides practitioners with innovative techniques that inspire and redirect misguided students to improve their behavior drastically. Attendees will walk away with tangible resources to revolutionize their behavior programs. Kristen will preview her latest invention, AdvisingGenz, an innovative technology platform. Bonus: Author signing and meet-and-greet include pictures and signed copies of Like StreetLIGHTS. 

 Girls Can Be Pretty & Powerful

Kristen will provide women and girls with five techniques to master the art of seeing themselves as “Pretty & Powerful'' by helping them realize that a lady's outer attractiveness increases when she is brave enough to love everything that makes her unique. Through fun team-building, etiquette activities, emPOWERing chants, dance, and girl-talk, each attendee will leave embracing their authentic selves. Kristen brings an uplifting teaching style to women of all ages. She blends a keynote address and breakout sessions to boost self-esteem, improve mental health, and inspire unity among women and girls. Bonus: Author signing, meet-and-greet include, and Empowerment Kits are available. 

 Establishing Your Direct Pipeline: Attracting NextGen Workers

In this presentation, Kristen will help leaders in marketing and recruiting to recognize and attract GenZers to pursue various essential careers. Many industries will experience labor shortages simply because they failed to make their most pivotal roles visible to younger generations. Kristen shares how organizations can intentionally create digital and in-person experiences to provide the next generation with the skills and exposure needed to establish brand loyalty. Attendees will walk away with innovative marketing strategies to make roles that lack a direct pipeline more appealing to a younger workforce. This highly interactive presentation can be customized and delivered as a keynote address, followed by hands-on training for managers at every level. 

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