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Passionate Advocate for Young People

In 2020, Kristen’s was on a mission to make her non-profit, Advising Generation Z raise over $350k in donations to obtain the seed funding to establish AdvisingGenz LLC as a subsidiary company to provide the technology component that her non-profit needed to become an alternative disciplinary resource for parents and practitioners looking to dismantle the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ by utilizing AdvisingGenz as a restorative practice instead of overly harsh punishment for minor infractions.

With the support of Cox Media, Pyramid Technology Solutions (PTS) and DailCare Teletherapy and the additional financial and intellectual support from 8 angel investors AdvisingGenz APP & LMS launched in March 2023, and plans to offer this important program nationally to parents, educators, judicial personnel, and mental health professionals with a more modern approach to redirecting misguided youth and young adults. 

Take a sneak peak at AdvisingGenz

AGZ curriculum on iPads.png
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