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Advising Generation Z

Passionate Advocate for Young People

Kristen is the CEO of Advising Generation Z – a non-profit diversion mentoring program that provides support, resources, and guidance to troubled students ages 10-24 – GenZers. The mentoring program provides a safe space for young people to elevate their voices and overcome obstacles oftentimes associated with misbehavior and low self-esteem. Advising Generation Z has changed the lives and futures of over 15 thousand misguided GenZers in various states throughout the U.S., by nurturing them through leading-edge diversion programs and giving them leadership opportunities that empower and inspire them to reach their fullest potential. 

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Reaching Generation Z 

Advising Generation Z aims to serve 15,000 through schools, courts, trainings, outreach, and distance learning by 2028. Here are our current stats! 

College Friends


Students in School

School Teacher

Practitioner Trainings


Computer Class


Distance Learning

Business Meeting

Young Professionals


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