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About Kristen Geez

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Kristen Geez is a woman making major moves – CEO, Edtech Founder, Instructional Content Creator, 2x Author, Speaker, Professor, and Gen Z Enthusiast.

After graduating from high school, Kristen pursued a short career in modeling before realizing she wanted to be valued for her mind and not just her looks. Kristen enrolled in an HBCU, Wiley College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Ethical Leadership. She continued her education at Wayland Baptist University, earning a master’s degree in Training and Development. She is currently in her third year at Liberty University, pursuing her Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership. Kristen also serves as an Adjunct Professor, teaching college freshmen and sophomores in the School of Education, Humanities, and Business.


Kristen believes that success stems from one’s ability to "learn from mistakes” and “allow themselves to be led before they can lead.” These two mottos have empowered Kristen to overcome traumas, battles, and mistakes she experienced in her childhood and inspired and motivated her to create second-chance and personal development opportunities for others – specifically misguided young people. Kristen is a servant leader and a skilled connector, known for her unique gift of unifying generations with her compelling ideology. She urges society to “be intentional about making room for the younger generation without abandoning the older generations”!

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