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Kristen just released her second book to assist parents and practitioners to reach and inspire youth.

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Like StreetLIGHTS Practitioners Shine in the Dark


This book gives practitioners tips to rekindle their inner spark! Readers can reflect on their unique approach to reaching, listening, and equipping 21st-century youth. At the same time, this book unifies practitioners in education, criminal justice, and healthcare communities to see their collective contribution to being the L.I.G.H.T. in the lives of the young people they serve.

Kristen inspires young people to feel proud and secure about who they are in her confidence-boosting children’s book!

Kristen is the author of a confidence boosting childrens’ book, “Lipstick Ready’s Pretty Girl Crew,” which helps girls ages 5-10 learn to have positive self-esteem.


"In a world where social media, television and peer pressure has the power to create a cloud of self-doubt in the minds of todays girls, this book empowers girls to embrace their individuality, while empathizing and bonding with their peers. The vibrant illustrations used to create the girls that make up Lipstick Ready's Pretty Girl Crew, allows readers to see themselves as they read, helping them to feel comfortable in their own skin. With each page, girls will learn how not to feel ashamed of their different physical attributes nor their socioeconomic status. 

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