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Content Creator. Host. Producer.

Creating Cutting-Edge Meaningful Content

Combining her love for education and young people with her talent for content creation and production – Kristen merged her two passions! Kristen was hired by PBS Kids in Oklahoma to launch a new STEM-focused digital learning series called “What’s The Deal” for over 200 school districts throughout the state.  While at PBS Kids, Kristen recognized there was a ton of STEM-related content for practitioners to get GenZers interested in STEM, but little to no digital diversion content for practitioners to use to redirect young people who were struggling with behavior– specifically for the types of students that she’d been working with at her non-profit for several years. She comprised a small team of parents, practitioners, and to assist her in developing a 12-episode digital learning series featuring trailblazing diversion content for GenZers.  The series was piloted to nearly 8-thousand students in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania. The series received raving reviews and extraordinary results from both practitioners and GenZers.   

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Teaching Strategies that Bridge the Generational Gap

Recognized for her distinctive, modern, and refreshing perspective on leadership, education, and youth & young adult topics, Kristen has was tapped by some of the nation’s most prominent Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to create content in the form of instructional videos and engaging training workshops focused on managing a young workforce. She’s traveled worldwide to conduct sessions for C-suite executives, who describe her presentations as ‘’highly motivational”, “collaborative”, “relatable”, and “extremely effective”. 

Brand Management & Event Host

For nearly six years Kristen served as the Brand Ambassador for Women That Soar – a Dallas-based media production company that presents annual televised award shows recognizing notable women worldwide. During her tenure, she hosted and produced several award-winning specials featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes stories of some of the world’s top changemakers and celebrities - which she interviewed. 

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