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Digital Journalist, Training Consultant, Speaker, Writer




Kristen is an Adjunct Professor, Training Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Author, and Founder of Advising Generation Z (AGZ), a non-profit social skills mentoring program focused on equipping over 7,000 Gen Z and Millennials with leadership opportunities in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Providing programs in 23 school districts, 10 municipal courts, and 2 detention centers in the above states.

AGZ provides professional development, mentoring, diversion programs for youth, career mapping for young adults, coaching practitioners and partners within education, government and corporate leaders to manage and connect with their multigenerational workforce/student body via workshops, support interest groups, seminars and digital training content for people from all walks of life including students, juvenile delinquents and entry-level employees to name a few. AGZ is aided by a digital series called AdvisingGenz TV available on the AdvisingGenz app. AdvisingGenz TV is comprised of exercises and testimonials from Millennials that help Gen Z students navigate life’s difficulties. 

Kristen is also the red carpet reporter for Women That Soar, a Dallas-based media and content development company that highlights stories of women all over the world positively impacting their communities. Kristen holds a BS in Ethical Leadership, MEd in Leadership & Development, and currently pursuing her PhD in Strategic Leadership. Kristen’s mission is to empower people of all ages to unlock and increase their leadership potential. 

Please contact Laura, Senior Agent at American Program Bureau, at or  617.614.1657 to book Kristen for your next event.

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